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Xender For PC Free Download Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Free Download Xender for PC: Xender for PC application is developed for smartphones and tablets running Android devices for the moment, but you can also play it on a Windows PC. Here you can learn how to download Xender for PC Windows using video tutorial for Xender and use xender web. The following guide is to help you get Xender PC Windows downloaded on your Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 system, who all want to play and use Xender for PC application on the computer and this is going to work on Windows XP/7/8/8.1 OS versions of computer and laptop. But there are certain requirements which needed to be matched before you get started with Xender PC.  Xender for PC, Xender for Ios, Xender for MAC PC, Xender for windows phone, Xender Apk for Android, Xender for Blackberry. are the available version of Xender in the current market. These requirements are standard to run any Android application or the OS itself on a Windows computer, and you simply can’t ignore it for using Xender for Windows PC. Also, learn how to transfer files from iOS to iOS device using Xender.

Xender For Windows Pc Free Download:-

Xender PC Windows Requirement: –Free Download Xender For PC now.

The computer in which you need Xender PC windows app needs to be matched with certain requirements to get Xender PC download.

  • Xender PC needs to run on HD standard of the graphics driver. If it isn’t the case, then you’re not on the right path. This is because Android requires and uses HD level of graphics and animations and so your computer should be compatible running with it.
  • Now there are two ways to which you can upgrade the drivers to HD on your PC. First, check the version of them by going into Display Adapter settings from Control Panel settings and if the latest version is there for an upgrade then do it. Free Download Xender.
  • Otherwise, you need to implement or add a dedicated graphics/video card of HD standard into your PC. Get 1GB storage size as it will complete future requirements.
  • Next, to download Xender PC Windows, it should have at least 4GB of RAM. With 4GB of RAM, it becomes common these days and also not so costlier. Having this much first memory can help Xender PC Windows, run without any performance lags.
  • C drive storage should have at least 5 to 6 GB of free storage to have enough space for the future software applications to sit and work comfortably with Xender PC.

The above guidance will help you know more about the total requirement of Xender Pc. You can also try using Xender for Mac PC which is available for free on the market.

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Xender Available Products:-

Xender App is more familiar and accessible around the world. The product reviews are awesome in the current market, and it is the most trending transfer app in the market for free. Xender is applicable and available for the following devices.

Xender For PC Windows Guide:-

Xender PC Windows can be downloaded using many steps, I surfed around the net and found the best ways to download and install Xender PC in windows os. You can also download Xender for iOS. Some third-party apps allow us to work Xender quickly, first of all, you should download Xender in that third party app and then follow the installation guide to complete the process. After downloading Xender for PC App, you can work efficiently and quickly in that third party app. In case if you feel hard to understand, then you should undergo the following step-by-step process for the complete guidance of Xender for PC windows. If you have any queries, then visit Official Xender For PC web page.

Xender For Windows PC Free Download:-

Click the link below to Download Xender for PC, directly to your Windows desktop.Download Xender For PC

Download Xender For PC using BlueStacks:-

Before downloading Xender PC, first of all, download and then install BlueStacks app player software on your computer. You can get it for free and then install it just requires you to follow on-screen instructions. Total time required here depends on the speed of internet connection. The guidance steps to download and use Xender PC in Bluestacks are as follows.

Step 1: Once you have the file, double-click on the same and start following instructions as you see in there. It will take some time, depending on the speed of internet connection. Download Xender PC windows here.Step 2: Start the software when it’s ready to run and use the search tool in there to find Xender PC software.Step 3: As you find the Xender PC, click on the same and log in with a Google account when asked to setup a synchronisation feature.Step 4: Once the login is done, Xender will open up in Google play store and from there you need to click on install option which is right ahead of Xender listing. After a while, the Xender PC file will get downloaded, and it is ready to use them.

Xender For PC Windows using YouWave:-

  • First of all, you need to download YouWave’s installer file. It is in offline format and available at this official website. Download Xender for PC now.
  • Double click on the file when it’s downloaded completely and start following on-screen instructions as you see in there. It will not take more than 3 minutes to get software ready.
  • Once ready, start it and choose a Free Trial option from the first interaction.
  • Launch Browser app then and open website of Google play store, then use its search tool to find Xender PC application.
  • Once found, click on the app and click on install option ahead of it then. Finally, log into a Google account when asked to.

Xender For PC using Xender Web:-

This is the latest feature called Web Xender which will help you to connect your phone with Windows PC and will let you transfer files between the device. Also, visit iTunes store for Xender. Here you are not required to download any software or any third party app like Xender for PC. It is entirely browser-based. You can download your Xender app in Google Play Store.

Xender For PC Updates:-

  • Minor bug fixes 3.0.1221, 3.0.1208.
  • Minor bug fixes 3.0.0924.
  • Minor bug fixes 3.0.0916.
  • Improvement in German and Polish translation.
  • Bug fixes 3.0.0914, 3.0.0911.
  • Several bugs are fixed and updated.
  • New transfer progress and transfer history design 3.0.0820, 3.0.0814.
  • Combined entry points for Android connection, Connect PC, Connect iPhone and Connect Win Phone to the same page
  • Bug fixes.

Please keep on visiting this website Xender For PC for updates about Xender For Windows PC. If you have any doubts about Xender For PC, please comment below.

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Xender for PC Free Download - Windows XP/7/8/8.1

Xender for PC, for all smartphone users Xender for PC Windows, will be the best, who are looking for good quality transfer app to share files at high-speed xender for PC is the best. And also, xender for PC will help you to transfer files from one android device to another in which you won’t be requiring any network connections such as 3G, Wi-Fi. You can use xender for PC even without a SIM card.

Xender for PC Free Download – Windows PC:-

Downloading Xender for Windows PC will be the best choice for sharing files at no cost. Being wireless, Xender for PC does not require any network connections and xender for PC discovers all connecting devices present in its range. You can upload any app or download an app which is of large data then you should gonna need xender for PC. Xender for PC can help you to share the same files on five other devices at the same time.

Xender for PC

Xender for PC Windows is the best in its transmission speed because it can even cross the stratospheric levels which are 4 MB per second. It will be possible for you to transfer large files within a couple of minutes in xender download for PC. You could be able to share any files in any format such as pics, apps, films and much more in xender download. Xender for PC is the perfect application for sharing files from mobile devices to PCs over a wireless connection; you won’t be requiring any USB connectivity for transferring files. With some certain features in xender for PC like using Bluetooth for adding new invites, or sharing images through sliding makes the app even more lovable for you to use. Thus, xender in your PC will be ideal for transferring files and xender for PC Windows 7 is also available in the BlueStack emulator. Xender for PC is a time-saving application. You can transfer your PC’s data within seconds to the other PC in xender for PC. If you are going to transfer any images or contacts you can do it within few seconds in xender app for PC. The important feature of xender is that it supports up to 15 different languages like English, Hindi, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc., and so you can customize it in your preferred language in xender app for PC.

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Download Xender for PC (Windows xp/7/8/8.1):-

Click here to download Xender for Windows PC

Xender for Windows PC Download

Download Xender for Windows XP/7/8/8.1

In this download link, you could be able to download and use Xender in your Windows PC like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Alternative method to Download Xender for PC for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1:-

Just go through the instructions given below. To download and install xender for pc in your windows pc using bluestacks.

  1. Download Bluestacks App Player on your pc from its official website which is available free over there for MAC OS and all Windows operating system.
  2. By double click on its executive file, install the program after the initial step by following the onscreen guidelines.
  3. Run Bluestacks and then login with your Google account to get Google Play Store also to have all of the attributes.
  4. Xender Android app together with the aid of search software finds out.
  5. When you start to see the process to be completed by the app in search results click on the install button out of your side.
  6. That is to all get Xender for PC Download.

With the issue being really nice and great the amazing this about Xender is that this app is the first ever technology which is made to share files instantly.

Xender for PC Download – Features:-

Xender for PC

It becomes really hard sometimes to send big things in portable devices. MMS is dead, Bluetooth is not suitable for large files and Wi-Fi lasts as the only option which you can use. Apart of being have lots of choices to choose a Wi-Fi client for sharing files, you need xender for PC to get your work done. It’s not only fast but also have a functionality that makes it different from all others of its kind. Now, you can also get Xender for PC, in case you have something big to send to your smartphone and you don’t want to plug it into PC. Xender for PC allows one to send and receive any kind of data at very high speed. There are more than a million people who use xender for PC and are very happy with it. You can get an idea about its fame by visiting the xender for pc site, where thousands of positive reviews and ratings are made by the happy and satisfied users.

It can change the way we share files today and can really help us to save our time. According to many experts, xender for pc can even replace Bluetooth completely in future as it is much faster than it. Xender name was derived from the word ‘sender’ and the s got replaced here. Just to add a bit of fanciness and yeah, it’s better with X. Xender for PC uses its powerful file sharing structure, which allows one to share an unlimited amount of files to the one who got the same app. One extremely great thing of xender for pc program is that it comes at completely free of cost and have no premium versions. It means that you won’t be bothered again and again by getting asked about upgrading to a paid version. A really great thing is that now you can easily Download Xender for PC and run it just like you do on your smartphone.

Xender for PC – Screenshots:-

Xender for PC Windows

Xender for PC Windows

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If you have any doubts in downloading Xender for Windows PC, please comment below. Click here for More PC Apps


Xender for PC | Xender for PC

Xender For PC

Xender is a file transfer application which can transfer and share any types of files without using the mobile data .It shares between android and ios and to PC /MAC as well.It is faster than bluetooth,easier than air drop, no need of NFC, no USB .It is all in one sharing app for file transfer.

Xender files can be shared to four devices simultaneously.This makes the ideal way to distribute things between small groups like,for example family and friends.

Need for File transfer:

In olden days peoples are used Infra-Red, later Bluetooth and USB cables to share their files, like music, videos, apps, and documents. Now a days inventions are growing in peak especially in smart digital world file transfer can be done by this new file transfer application. The developer team has been created Xender for PC. In recent years File transfer application usage are broadly increasing because of the smart mobile and social medias. An every smart phone users are connected in internet at least 14Hrs per day. From last five years the videos are popularly spread as viral and shared between among friends circle. Xender for PC is an application which transfer the contents from smart mobiles to Personal computer in lightning speed. We are having 3G/4G network for our mobile phone which will help us to download files from the internet. These 3G/4G network connections are help us to download the files size in MB and GB. To download the file (videos, musics, images, applications) we are paying our own money to download. Then how to share the files which is downloaded from the internet content effectively? you can do it by this Xender for PC application. This can be done by transferring the content from one smart phone to friends Smart phone.
Xender application
USB cables and Bluetooth software were used at the beginning period of 20th century. It has some limitations like the transferring speed of this tool is very slow. In order to provide the fastest file transfer Xender team. The speed of the Xender for PC app is 60 Time greater than the Bluetooth software and USB 2.0 cables. Xender for PC is available for PC which helps in transferring the content from the Smart Phone to PC vice versa by wireless in an ultra speed mode.

Why Xender for PC ?

Method 1: Using Mobile Hotspot:

xender for pc

(i)Please click on the arrow  in the above-shown figure .

(ii) just click the PC/Mac icon

(iii) In this step you have to open the PC wifi connection and you can able to see the list of available connection in that please select the hotspot created by your smartphone with the help of xender .

(iv) And another option you can directly enter the web ip address which was in the window or you can use www.web.xender.com 

(v) Just scan the QR code using your smartphone.

Method:2 Download Xender for PC:

There are two methods one is through Bluestacks just download the Bluestacks emulator which you can get it from here then you can use it on PC itself.  

Download Bluestacks Now

Download Xender for PC Now

Step:3—> Now you can install Bluestacks on your windows PC by sign in from google account. And install the step 2  Xender software.

BlueStacks- Installation sign in

Step:4—> other wise you can download from play store from the Bluestacks itself then install

BlueStacks  +Search  Xender app

Step:5—> Now you can see the Xender app on all apps place. After installation you have to open the application.

BlueStacks  select Xender for PC

Step:6—> Once you are starts the application and it will directs you to share the files from PC to laptop, PC to mobile, and vice versa.

Xender for PC- file transfer
Xender for PC file Manager

Step:7—> once if you are connected you can join upto four members in a group. After transfer files just simply close the Bluestacks application.

Features of Xender for PC:

  1. Xender for PC is a ultra fast file transfer application.
  2. User can manage the Smart Phones without wire and very high speed by this Xender for PC application
  3. Xender for PC application will separates the  files and show in different icons.
  4. Easy installation and User friendly Interface.
  5. Maximum of five members can join in a single group to transfer same file instantly.
  6. Free of cost wireless data transfer without data charges
  7. Xender for PC is an Wireless data transfer or file transfer.
 Features of Xender for PC

Reviews of Xender for PC:

Xender for PC is a full free version of file transfer application which has the excellent performance in file transfer and this application get 4.3 star Rating in Google play store and the comments for this application is too good.

Review of Xender for PC

Screen shots of Xender for PC:

Screen Shots of Xender for PC
Screen Shots of Xender for PC
Screen shots of Xender for PC

You can download these also from here:


Download Xender FREE for PC

If you need to transfer files between your devices or share files with your friends then you need the Xender app, Here is a guide to download Xender FREE on your PC.

Xender allows you to quickly and easily send almost any type of file from one device to another at absolutely no cost. You can get Xender for almost any device.

Xender can be installed on your smartphone simply by downloading it from your app store. Or you can install Xender on to your laptop through the BlueStacks application.

When you install Xender on your PC; you can get files that are saved onto your phone or other computer, transferred to your PC.

So, if you have files stored on your smartphone or you use many computers, having Xender on your PC makes accessing files from other devices very easy.

Once you download BlueStacks and use it to install Xender on your Desktop, you will be amazed at all of its’ great features.

Features of Xender

When you use BlueStacks to install Xender on PC, you will see all the great features that Xender can provide.

Xender connects your phone to your laptop, allowing you to send files between the two devices (or any other devices) at any time. And unlike other more traditional ways of transferring files between devices, Xender is very easy to use.

You do not need any special wires or even an internet connection, all you need is the Xender app installed on both devices.

But the best part of Xender is that in addition to not needing anything other than the app to share files, Xender allows you to transfer files at no cost.

When you install Xender on your computer, you can share files with as many as four other devices at one time. And, Xender will work on your laptop regardless of the type of laptop that you are using.

This means that you can use Xender without needing to worry about compatibility with different operating systems.

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Another great thing about Xender is that in addition to being free and easy to use, Xender is also very fast. Meaning that you will never find yourself frustrated at having to wait for a file to transfer.

This speed is even more impressive when you consider that Xender allows you to transfer nearly every type of file; whether it be videos, images, audio, or text.

With all these great capabilities, there is no reason why you would not want Xender on your computer. 

How to use Xender on your Computer with BlueStacks

To get Xender on your computer all you need to do is download it using the BlueStacks application. This process is very simple and once it is done you will be able to use Xender on your computer to easily transfer files between any of your devices.

These are the steps to download Xender on PC with BlueStacks.

To download Xender on PC with BlueStacks, you will first need to install the BlueStacks application on to your PC.

  • Select the “Download BlueStacks 2” link
  • Choose “Save file” to download the installation file onto your computer
  • When the file finishes downloading, click on it and choose the “run” option
  • BlueStacks will now install and a shortcut will appear on your desktop

With BlueStacks now finished installing, you can use it to download and install Xender on your PC.

  1. Open the BlueStacks shortcut that appears on your laptop’s desktop
  2.  Click on the BlueStacks search feature
  3. Type “Xender” into the search box
  4. Click where it gives the option to search for Xender on the Google Play Store
  1. Once you are on this page, click where it says “install”
  2.  You may now be asked to sign in to your Google Play store account, this will allow you to continue with the installation process. After you sign in just follow any remaining on screen instructions and Xender will finish installing onto your computer through BlueStacks.

Xender Alternatives

If for any reason you decide that you do not want to use Xender then there are many other alternative applications that provide similar features.

Some alternative apps to Xender are: SHAREit, Zapya, CLONEit, CM Transfer, Bluetooth App Sender, CShare, Air Drop, and the File Manager filer transferring tool.

These are just a few similar applications that you can consider.

Nearly all of these apps also offer the ability to be used on both smartphones and computers through the use of BlueStacks.

Enjoy Xender FREE on your PC !!

Now you know all about the features that Xender offers and how to download Xender on your PC with BlueStacks.

So, download BlueStacks and the Xender application to give it a try.

I am sure that you will be impressed with the convenient way that Xender allows you to quickly and easily transfer files between your devices.

But do not for get to leave a comment telling me what you think of Xender.Android App for PC


Xender For PC Download Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Xender for PC | Xender Download for PC: Smartphone developments are emerging in number. (Download Xender for PC Windows 10) Indeed, the applications developed for the betterment of smartphone usage is vital. There are lots of applications designed for various purposes, and one among them is the Data Transferring apps. Transferring of data is made simple from one device to another with the development of these apps. Xender is one such application with which all the necessary files and data could be shared without any cable now. One could enjoy transferring files from anywhere at a faster rate. Xender app is released for smartphones earlier and now available for PC versions too. So share your data with Xender for PC Free download. This post is all about Free Download Xender App For PC. Get into to know more about Xender App for PC.

Xender is also available for Xender App, Xender for PC Windows, Xender for Mac PC, Xender Apk for Android, Xender for iOS, Xender for iPad, Xender for Windows Phone.

Xender For PC

Also See: Xender for iOS

There always occurs a need to share files and data frequently in this modern world. Choosing the right way to share the data is more important. It is necessary that one must find it easy while sending and the same with receiving. Xender PC is one such app that delivers data without any hassle. It also shares data at a much faster rate when compared with other tools. Xender Online supports multi-platform and is available for Xender Apk For Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Phone and Windows PC.

Xender App – History:

Xender is an application developed to connect two or more smartphones to share photos, music, video, movie, documents and other such media. Xender team designed it in the year 2012. It was named Shan Chuan in China and Flash Transfer outside China. It was later renamed as Xender. Xender allows you transfer your data without any external connection. To know more about Xender PC functions, read the full article.

Xender For PC

A Comparative Note:

Though there are lots of other tools to share and transfer files from one device to other, Xender is more powerful when compared to Bluetooth or through other external device supports. You don’t need any cable to transfer files. Bluetooth shares data at a lower rate and of low quality. Applications could also be shared by Xender whereas Bluetooth cannot share it at all. For all these problems one could use the Xender app to share and transfer files without any inconvenience.

Xender For PC – Features:

As mentioned Xender For PC is an application used to transfer files between devices. Xender is free of cost and easy to use. It does not require any internet connection while sharing data. You could share with an individual or to a group of people. The only thing needed is to make sure of your recipient also has Xender PC App installed on their devices too.

  • Xender allows you to transfer files without any cables or any other external devices.
  • It transfers at higher speed without any loss in quality.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Capable of connecting with a maximum of 4 devices at a time in Group Sharing.
  • Easy to connect from Smartphones to PC using Connect PC mode without needing any cable.
  • Simply shake or slide to share all your data.
  • It is available for free of cost, and no premium versions are available.
  • Xender App supports all the file formats, and you can share videos, pictures, music, contacts, movie, and application.
  • Xender does not require any additional software.
  • User-friendly design.
  • It supports 22 different languages.

Xender PC Software Free Download:

Xender For PC

As there is no existing software available for PC version, one could use any Android Emulator to run an application in the desktop version. Here I have used BlueStacks to run Xender in the PC version. Download BlueStacks if your desktop doesn’t have. Click on the link to free Download Xender For PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.

Free Download Xender For PC

Steps To Download Xender For PC Via BlueStacks:

  • Download BlueStacks and install it on your desktop.
  • Double click on the BlueStacks icon to open it.
  • Go to the search box and type Xender. Search through Play Store.

Xender For PC Free Download

  • Now the search box shows the result with Xender and other apps.
  • Click on the Xender App’s install button.

Xender For PC Free Download

  • Click on the Install button to complete its installation.

Xender For PC Free Download

  • Go to MyApps section in BlueStacks to open Xender.

    Xender For PC Free Download

  • Transfer files now from PC to smartphones and vice versa.

Xender For PC Free Download

Xender is also available for

Hope all the details provided about Xender for PC in this article is useful to you. For any queries comment us below. Stay tuned with us for the more related article.

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Download Xender for PC / Xender on PC - Andy

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Mobile technology is always moving on the fast lane. We use smartphone for practically just about every little thing we need to get over our tasks. It’s not unusual to send files between smart devices but sometimes the different software environments tend to pose the greatest challenge.

Xender: Always xends something to smile about J

Xender was first introduced as a Flash Transfer application under the name of its founder, Shan Chuan. One of the earliest notable features of this app is letting you share files from Android-Android at high-speeds. It became very popular particularly in China where there’s a vast majority of Android users. Later on, Xender became a built in feature on Gionee, Karbonn, Leagoo and Prestigio Android phones.

Xending to all different places

If you’re searching for a file transfer application that can move files from PC to Android and to iOS devices, you can let Xender do its magic. Xender is the only thing you need if you want to share files, songs, pictures and videos across several devices. It works seamlessly on Windows, Mac and even Chromebook. You can also get a copy of Xender for PC by Andy OS to mirror everything inside your Android device. It’s actually a mobile-desktop bundle that you can get here for FREE.

Xend quickly

Xender can connect your iOS device to any Android phone or tablet. It’s very user friendly and you can share files in an instant. Just browse over the homescreen then tap More. After which, you can select Connect iPhone over a hotspot and that’s it. Of course, you have to install Xender on both devices to make it work. From there, you can already transfer and receive files at the same time.

  • Cross platform support
  • Shares up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Transfers fast and efficient
  • Send applications, videos, music, pictures and many more
  • No USB, Internet or cellular data required
  • Featuring: Shake to Share and Shake to Send

Xend from any Android phone, Apple, or Windows device

Using Xender on PC still lets you carry on with the usual file transfer that you do on your Android phone. It works perfectly on Windows 7/8 and the latest Mac OSX. If you’re using the desktop to store all your backups, then it’s easier to send files from there. Xender also lets you download and upload files wirelessly to your personal computer. This is where Xender for PC becomes highly useful.

  • Works even without the internet
  • High speed transfers
  • Supports offline mode
  • Seamless transition of up to 50x better than other modes of file sharing
  • Quicker and more dependable
  • Transfer files like apps, photos, videos and music
  • Connects multiple devices
  • Wide user base
  • Transfers at 30mbps maximum between a smartphone and a computer
  • Available in several languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)

Xending files for everyone

Xender app comes with a user profile that also serves as your identification. This is essential to let everyone know to which user profile you are actually sending and exchanging your files with. It helps you monitor the data of the transferred files and which ones were successfully sent to the receiver. The user profile constantly refreshes to bring you the latest information from your connections. Launch Xender on PC to better accommodate bigger files between your computer and another device.

Xends perfectly

There’s no stopping now whenever you want to share files between Windows, Apple and Android devices. Thanks to Xender app, we can finally share without the hassle. File sharing will no longer be limited to phones with similar operating systems. You can send your friends the latest summer videos and or exchange music files with them just by sharing a similar hotspot. They also came up with the highly advanced Connect-PC mode to let people share files between a Chromebook, a Mac or a Windows PC. This concept is so convenient considering that we depend mostly on Wi-Fi to send something across. Xender works without any cable or network connection. The process of file transfer is built inside the software so you can forget about the traditional Bluetooth sharing or seeking any Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G just to transfer data. If we are going to sum up all of Xender’s amazing features, we’ll never run out of good things to say. But then, it would be better if you see them by downloading Xender or use Xender for PC as an alternative.

New update!

Just like any of your functional Android apps, Xender also goes through several version upgrades. There will be minor or major changes to improve its user and over all performance. You can only expect a whole lot better Xender experience every time an update is being delivered.

  • Version 3.0.0924
  • Better translations for Polish and German language support
  • Newly designed Transfer progress and transfer history
  • Combined access points for Connect Win Phone, Connect iPhone, connect PC and Connect Android to same page


Choose Andy to launch Xender on your desktop!

Andy emulating software application is equipped with the same Android User Interface and also supports Mac OSX and Windows 7/8 operating systems. Andy OS has this very unique emulating technology that lets you download your favourite Android apps to your desktop. The difference between Windows, Apple and Android’s operating systems will no longer be an issue once you launch Xender on your PC. At last, the vast majority of smartphone users can make use of Xender Android app from their desktop and get the same amazing Android experience. At this time, only Andy has the most exceptional innovation when it comes to software installation packages.

Xend like no other xender can give

  • Run apps from PC. Brings all your frequently used apps for entertainment, gaming and communication in one mighty desktop
  • Full Android User Interface. Virtually explore your mobile devices interface in a much larger screen for a unique Android experience
  • Mac OSX and Windows 7/8 capability. Andy works with any desktop browser and syncs everything directly to the software app
  • OpenGL Hardware, ARM and X86 native apps capable. Andy OS has the most highly dynamic emulating technology

Xend files in between

  • Cloud Save Feature (Android). Get unlimited storage so you no longer have delete some of your favourite apps in your tablet/ phone
  • Integrated Camera and Microphone. Do more with Andy OS applications with the built-in microphone and camera support. (Ideal for your camera utility apps, video messaging apps and social media applications).
  • Google Play Store. Use your Google account for all the apps available on the website. Visit andyroid.net for the latest Android apps available for PC
  • Accessible Local File System (Android). Using your favourite mobile utility applications is made easier with this feature.
  • App sync to Mobile. All the saved settings, progress and in-app purchases are synced to your mobile or PC

Xend in a flash!

  • Handset device as Joystick. Get the separate application (Andy Remote) for this feature and you can experience using Xender in a whole new way
  • Multi-touch control support. Launch Xender anywhere and stay in control using your touchscreen device even at few feet away from your PC!
  • Keyboard Mapper. PC users can enjoy the real desktop experience with their favourite Android apps.
  • Xbox/ Playstation Controller. Great news! Andy already supports your favourite game console joystick controllers!
  • Integrated Sensors. Works simultaneously with your mobile device

Xend your worries away

  • Enough battery power for your phone. Launching your mobile apps on PC can give your handset sufficient battery for more important things
  • Desktop Push Notifications. Receive up-to-the-minute notification alerts straight from Google Play across multiple devices (PC, Tablet, Phone Device)
  • Developer’s Online Help. Got any questions? Connect via Facebook and get real-time support from Andy’s technical team.

Xending now and more in the future

It’s so easy to use Xender even for the first time. Once you download the application and installed it in your device, you can start using Xender almost right away. You just have to take a few short steps for setting up your user profile and you’re almost ready. It also features an avatar so you can add a picture and also easily identify your friends. This is necessary to give you the safest and most stress-free file sharing between you and your contacts.

  • Launch Xender application on your device and ensure the other shareable device is also on Xender
  • Tap connect Friends and Create Group to begin sharing
  • Browse over your files and choose which one to send
  • You can also share using your smartphone to another smartphone
  • It’s fun and easy to use unlike using Bluetooth or depending on the speed of the Internet or data connection
  • You can share files with up to 4 devices at the same time
  • Activate the Shake to share options to have more fun while sharing
  • Browse over the homescreen and look for More> SETTINGS>Shake to Send
  • You can alternatively slide over the screen to perform actions instead of shaking your device

How to Download Xender for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Xender download.

Step 5: Find Xender and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Xender on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Xender on PC!!!

Download Xender for PC / Xender on PC

4.8 (96%) 5 votes


Download Xender for PC App on Windows 7/8/XP

Hello friends, if you want to download Xender for PC App or want to get Xender Download on PC easily then please keep on reading this complete post as it will help you to get what you want.

Select file, select application and click share button. That’s it! This is all you need to do or worry about doing in order to share and transfer files using Xender app.

This application is developed for smartphones and tablets running Android devices for the moment but you can also play it on computer. Here is your chance to learn how to download Xender for PC.

Yes, this guide is to help to get Xender App for PC Downloaded on your Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac system, who all want to play and use Xender application on computer and this is going to work on Windows 7/8/XP OS versions of computer and laptop. But there are certain requirements which needed to be matched before you get started. Xender Download is a nice app.

These requirements are standard to run any Android application or the OS itself on a computer and you simply can’t ignore it. Having a computer or laptop compatible with running Android OS on it isn’t the one which comes at very high-speed. You can easily get things done in 20-30k INR.

Download Xender for PC App on Windows 7/8/XP :

If you really want to get Xender Download for PC then I request you to follow all the below given steps which will help you to use Xender on PC.

You need to follow the below mention steps as it is.

First of all download and then install BlueStacks app player software on your computer.

You can get it for free and then installing it just requires you to follow on screen instructions. Total time required here depends on speed of internet connection.

Start the software then and use its search tool to find Xender Android application. This application is free so no pricing involved whatsoever.

As you see app in search results then click on the same. You’ll be asked to login with a Google account to setup Synchronization feature, do that.

Once setup is done then you’ll see app opened in Google play store. Open the application then and click on install option right ahead.

Wait for a while and the application will be ready at home screen of the BlueStacks. Cheers.

Requirements : Xender Download for PC 

Let’s start with the requirements first. As I said, your computer needs to be matched with them in order to get Xender for PC Download.

First of all, it needs to run on HD standard of graphics driver. If it isn’t the case then you’re not at the right path. This is mainly because Android itself requires and uses HD standard of graphics and animations and so your computer should be compatible running the same.

Now there are two ways through which you can upgrade drivers to HD standard. First check version of them by going into Display Adapter settings from Control Panel and if latest version is due for upgrade then do it. If it brings HD standards then voila.

Otherwise, you need to implement or add a dedicated graphics/video card of HD standard into your machine. Go for the one with 1GB storage size as it will complete future requirements.

Next in order to download Xender for PC, it should have at least 4GB of RAM. Having 4GB of RAM is getting common these days and also it’s not that costlier. Having this much primary memory can help softwares (also in our case) to run without any performance issues or lags.

On top of these two requirements, C drive storage should have at least 5-6GB of free storage in order to have enough space for upcoming software applications to sit and work comfortably.

If any of the requirements are unmatched then you may face performance issues and also it’s the right time to buy a newer machine or upgrade the existing one. A newer one will be a nice choice though.

So folks, I think you really enjoyed this complete post on how to download Xender for PC App on Windows 7/8/XP easily. Please keep on visiting this website i.e XenderforPC.com

Download Xender for PC App on Windows 7/8/XP 4.36/5 (87.14%) 1138 votes


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